How to Live and Invest in the Latin Tropics – Without the Risk

Dreaming of a carefree life in the Costa Rica or Panama?

Heard about great investment opportunities in Guatemala or Ecuador?

Or maybe you’ve been wanting to escape your current life and enjoy a grand new adventure. You’re tired of the humdrum and disillusioned with seeing every day pass by just the same as the next.

No more gray cubicles for you. No more 9-to-5 clock punching. You’re looking for a bigger world than that.

We’ve got great news: The life-changing investment you’re longing to make is absolutely possible.

There’s just one catch: you’re going to need to do research to pull it off.

Or – and this is a much quicker route – you could ask us to do that research for you.

Who Are We?

We’re Josh Linnes and Park Wilson, and we’ve been buying real estate and living an amazing life down in the Latin tropics for the last 20 years.

We’ve scouted over 3 million acres of property and bought over $20 million in real estate.

20 years into this adventure, we’re ready to start sharing our hard-earned knowledge with you.

What Can We Tell You?

The first and most important thing we can tell you is that the life you’re dreaming of is possible.

You’re not crazy to think that there’s a bigger, brighter, more astounding world out there.

You’re not insane to think of quitting your job, selling your house, and moving to another country to invest in new opportunities.

We think you know that already. Maybe you’ve taken risks in the past – risks everyone told you were nuts, but you knew in your heart they were the right path for you.

Those risks paid off. You learned to trust your gut.

And right now, you know that this is your next path.

You know that a business without boundaries is what you’re looking for.

The Internet Isn’t Enough

You’ve probably already done a ton of research about your big change.

You’ve imagined where you’d live and what you’d do to make a living. You’ve checked out

investment opportunities and potential businesses you might start. You’ve researched the roads, the real estate, and the residential areas.

It’s not enough.

There are a thousand questions you still need answered, questions like:

  • What kind of town is Bocas Del Toro as opposed to Jaco?
  • How do visas work? What’s illegal and what’s just “the way things are done”?
  • What’s the actual cost of living in Nosara, Costa Rica?
  • How do I avoid being taken advantage of in a real estate deal?
  • How can I find reliable labor for my new business?
  • What’s the expat community like in Boquete?
  • What are the opportunities to make money in Dominical Costa Rica
  • How can I find a good lawyer in Salinas Ecuador?
  • What’s a safe neighborhood? A pricy neighborhood? A family neighborhood?
  • Where can my kids go to school? How difficult will it be to get medical coverage?

You can find answers to some of these questions online, but there are too many answers, and they often contradict one another.

There’s a simple reason for this: your average locals aren’t often making real estate deals. And the ones that are aren’t especially interested in answering the questions of their would-be competitors.

We’ve lived here for 20 years. We’ve brokered countless real estate deals. We’ve opened several of our own businesses and helped other people open dozens more. We’ve hired labor, furnished homes, and found the people we’d trust with our business dealings, our residency status, and our lives.

And we’re willing to share what we know with you.

Get a Personalized Escape Plan

In 3 one-on-one consulting sessions of 45 minutes each, we’ll help you create your personal escape plan, complete with investment possibilities that fit your vision for your new life.

We’ll listen to your aspirations, hopes, and goals, and we’ll help you decide:

  • Where in the Latin tropics you should go for the best investments (if you don’t know already)
  • What kinds of investment opportunities will work for you
  • What cities, towns, and neighborhoods would work best for you
  • How to navigate local immigration and visa regulations and plan for permanent residency
  • How to pull off a development project without running afoul of local authorities
  • Where to find the help you need to pull off your plan
  • Who to call for reliable, trustworthy advice on legal, financial, medical, and other matters
  • How to make sound real estate purchases and avoid scams
  • What your new cost of living will be and approximately how much to budget

… and tons more.

Our specialty areas include Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, and Honduras, including every city and town in each of those locations. That said, our adventurous lifestyle has taken us many places over the years, so feel free to ask about a particular location you have in mind.

You can ask us anything. We’ve heard wild rumors about how to make investments down here that turned out to be absolutely true – and reasonable-sounding advice that turned out to be the worst idea imaginable.

For us, there’s no question that’s too silly, too strange, or too “out there.” This is your new life you’re planning, and a big business venture you’re striking out on. We want you to have a solid road map – one that works, and one made just for you.

Don’t Settle for One Size Fits All

You’re looking to make an investment that’s going to pay off in every part of your life.

It should give you freedom, adventure – and, of course, a sound return.

We started with the same ambition, and we’ve been where you are now.

The life you have now might work for hundreds of thousands of people – but it doesn’t work for you. You want something else. Something different. Something that gets into your blood and makes you excited to wake up every morning.

You don’t want any old life. You don’t want any old job. You want the successful, independent life you know is out there waiting to be claimed.

There are a lot of seminars and workshops out there that promise to teach you the nuts and bolts. You’ve probably seen them already. They’re usually titled things like “Get Rich with Real Estate Investment” or “The Secrets to Investing in Latin America.”

You’ll crowd into a room with 15 or 20 other people, and you’ll listen to someone tell you that you can do exactly what they did, and achieve exactly the same results.

But didn’t you want to escape a life that was like everyone else’s?

The chances that your background, your goals, and your financial acumen are precisely the same as that workshop-runner’s are miniscule at best.

What they did worked for them. But you’re a different person, and you have different goals. You’ll meet different people. You’ll have different challenges.

And following their exact path isn’t going to help you navigate your own.

Live the Life You Want in the Tropics

We think you already know what you want. Now you need to know how to get what you want.

That’s exactly what we’re going to teach you.

Want to know where to invest in an appreciating market? We’ll give you the areas that have a surplus of labor and local regulations that will be a boon to your burgeoning company.

Want to buy an attractive hotel in a not-too-remote location? We can think of some beauties right now, and we can introduce you to an agent who will negotiate a fair deal.

Wondering where to buy a house that you can flip for a profit in 5 years? We’ve got a near-endless list of recommendations, and we’ll help you find a place you’d enjoy living, too.

We’re not here to sell you a one-size-fits-all life.

We’re here to tell you how you can achieve the successful life you’ve already dreamed up.

What Does It Cost?

Our one-on-one consulting package is just $995 and includes three 45-minute sessions.

It’s possibly the best investment you’ll make in your new life.

Imagine we help you get a great real estate broker instead of a shady one. You’ll save at least $10,000 right there.

Imagine you decide to invest in a town we recommend, where labor is reliable and affordable, instead of one where you can’t find the skilled labor you need. That $995 just guaranteed the success of a $100,000 business.

Your new life is a huge undertaking, and there are countless costs of not knowing what you need to know in a new country. Our consulting package is just $995, and it’ll save you more time and money than you’d believe possible.

You’ll get 20 years’ worth of local knowledge that apply to you, the life you want, and the challenges you’ll face.

We have a wealth of knowledge to share for locations including Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, and Honduras, and many other cities and places in the Latin Tropics.

You don’t have to take our word for its value. Here’s what our clients have to say:

“It has been a pleasure working with Josh & Park on my land purchase. They have been extremely helpful & supportive. They have been totally trustworthy, I trust them more than my lawyer in Panama.”

Shawn M, Canada


I must agree with you about Guatemala, Josh … although it really should be called Guatabuena.  My wife and I spent a couple of weeks en Antigua in a Spanish for others school and took a “Caravan” tour of the ancient sites of the Maya and earlier cultures.  Speaking of cultures, one day we enjoyed a family of seven or eight playing large and small marimbas in front of a grocery store.  Another delight was to hear songs like “White Christmas” and Rudolph the red nosed reindeer played on native instruments … we were there jut before Christmas.  A super experience!

Mick R.

“Doing business with Park & Josh was straightforward and painless. They were up front and delivered on everything they promised.”

Jesse M, USA


Keep up your terrific writing and when things change I hope to meet you someday.   With fond wishes to you and yours,

Rowen N.


“As with any acquisition, it can sometimes feel like a daunting process, but Viva Tropical was very helpful, informative, and obliging throughout the whole endeavor. Their enthusiasm combined with their welcoming nature makes the whole process feel more like an enjoyable vacation rather than just an investment purchase. It was clear they had spent the necessary time performing all the due diligence that comes with buying abroad and were able to package the information in a clear, understandable, and helpful manner.”

Daniel S, USA


Couldn’t agree more Josh. We are currently in Antigua and are just finishing up our second month here. Will head to Lake Atitlan next and then South through El Salvador and Nicaragua. I enjoy reading your messages even though we are not in the market to purchase property. It still helps us get an idea of where we want to visit! Sincerely,

Mindy B


“As someone who is very busy running my own business, Josh & Park made it possible for me to buy my personal escape. They made purchasing land in Panama easy and enjoyable! I found them to be very professional, informative and great company. And, to top it off they were one of the only companies I’ve ever seen in Latin America who kept to the schedule. I wouldn’t hesitate to deal with them again.

Dawn L, London


I love to read about your scouting trips.. so adventurous but as the same times so visionary.

Armand B

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